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Ashley and I wanted to focus on a topic that currently has a large impact on US society. Obviously, "Sex and the City: Season 4 vs Season 5" was the only way to go.  

    Clearly, the anticipation for season five of Sex and the City closely followed that of the second coming.  Even a delicious bonus season couldn’t satisfy our hunger for more of our favorite foursomes raunchy humor and over the top fashion.  Granted, we had a feeling the show would become slightly less scandalous - Miranda was pregnant and Samantha had plunged to the depths of a monogamous sex - however, Charlotte’s divorce and Carrie’s breakup with Aidan evened the ante.  I wanted more sex with Mr. Big, more naked swimming, more bar flashing, well, just more sex and more about sex. 
       So as Ashley and I secluded ourselves to the living room and turned off the cellies (which only SATC or the second coming of Christ could cause - wait, maybe just SATC) I found myself truly disappointed.  I agree the acting has improved, the relationships are deeper, the plot is more in-depth, yada yada yada, but cut the crap - I want trash!!!  The beauty of the show was thirty somethings acting like twenty-somethings…it was marketing genius.  It fed girls my age with something to aspire to; real world sex in designer clothes.  And it gave the ladies in their thirties (and let’s face it, forties and fifties) an outlet for the “naughty” desires they gave up when they went and did silly things like getting married. 
       The commercial value of the show lies somewhere between outrageousness and fantasy (to at least to 99.5% of the population).  I agree that some of their issues can strike a chord in every female this side of the nunnery, but we all must admit that any similar adventures we have couldn’t fill a brunch let alone a whole season of anecdotes.  And we all wish we were a little like Samantha and a little less like Charlotte, but really ladies, these women are as fictional as it gets, and we love them the more for it.  The appeal is in their fabulous and extravagant lifestyles and behavior, and frankly, breast feeding and nights home alone just ain’t cutting it. 
       Hopefully the first few episodes are just Emmy-ass-kissing material and I will be back to being embarrassed to have my mother in the room while I watch.  Clearly, we don’t buy cable purely for good acting.