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our obligation to understand the truth about the war in iraq
I'm pissed.  I'm pissed about this looming war in Iraq.  I'm pissed about our PRESIDENT Bush's manipulation of the American public and the world so that he and his buddies can profit from oil (funny how N. Korea practically waves their nuclear capabity at us and we have yet to consider war against them), make us forget that we have had a downward economy for three years now, and somehow convince us that going to war will make us feel more secure.  I'm pissed that thousands of innocent Iraqis will die as we wage the first war in American history that is without provocation and without the approval of the international community.  But most of all, I'm pissed that the American media, our VOICE, our constitutional RIGHT, has become a megaphone for this administration's propoganda.

It drives me utterly insane that every time I try to have an intelligent discussion with someone I am bombarded with false facts and regurgitated opinions someone picked off Fox News.  I UNDERSTAND that there are many people who support the war effort and I urge them to demonstrate the same rights I enjoy, HOWEVER, I refuse to have public opinion swayed by a media that perverts the facts. 

As citizens of the "most powerful country in the world", it is our obligation to at least understand the iron fist we swing.  But who can blame us?  Even our most trustworthy news sources have become either right wing rags or just refuse to ask the most logical of questions.  Who will pay for the reconstruction of Iraq?  Why won't Bush give us a plan for the "democracizing" of Iraq?  Why is the rest of the world so adamantly against the war?  After Iraq, which "axis of evil" is next?  These are questions we NEED to be asking!

Journalists today are focused too heavily on war tactics and military maneuvers, making it sound as if countries were merely players in a sports contest.  As William Greidler says in his article "Washington Post Warriors" (The Nation), "Instead of examining the factual basis for targeting Iraq, the Post largely framed the story line as a Washington drama of inside baseball. Would Colin Powell hold off the Pentagon hawks and win the President's heart and mind? Will Rumsfeld whip the CIA into line? The problem with insider reporting is that it tends to skip over the obvious, critical questions that the insiders do not wish to address."  A letter to the editor of TomPaine.com points out, "Endlessly repeated news features with titles like "Showdown with Saddam" present a grave matter as though it were a high-stakes sports contest. The result has been to obliterate broader concerns of consequences over security within the United States and globally."

I am far from an expert, so I am trying desperately to gather lists of websites and news sources that are willing to go out on a limb and print the truth.  I will continue to add to the list and I urge you to seek out sources on your own and
email me.  Please, take the time to understand what is really happening here.  Yes, Saddam is insane.  Hell, I think Bush is insane.  But can two men really decide the fate of the entire world?  Only by educating ourselves can we make a change.
Online Sources with a Different Perspective

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