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Party at T and Dan's was as fab as their place is.  Saturday, Annie D checked out the Sept. 11th exhibit and the Amer. History museum (highly recommend) and went dancing in Adams Morgan with the GMMB peeps.  Ash had some QT with her mom and BF, but the big news is that she got a new job in NYC (more details to come!) 

A&A have an exciting weekend ahead!  Anne is about to go BIcoastal as she spends four fun-filled days in San Diego, her dream city.  Ash is looking for a job and eagerly awaiting the arrival of some of her fave peeps this weekend:  Guitar Boy, Sarah, Rooker, Theresa--a whole entourage!

A&A have gone super-coastal!  Friday night was at the 9:30 Club.  Juniper Lane was fantastic and we were joined by Potter and Johnelle.  We got to hang out backstage like the VIPs we are and gank the catered food.  Then Saturday Anne came up to NYC!  After we forced her to help us paint, the NYC crew went out for dinner and drinks in our new stomping ground, the East Village.

A dark cloud has passed over A&A.  Ashley has left for NYC and an era has ended.  Oh but there's a silver lining, my little A&A friends.  Annie D & Ashley G now have pads in two of the country's largest and most happening cities...the fun just went coastal!  Prepare yourself for even more road trips, more adventure and definitely more trouble.  [08.26.02]

YAYAYAYAYAY!  Last night A&A's fave peeps came over to surprise Ash!  They said "mmBYYeeee" to her as she heads up to NYC.  And there were dips--OH, were there dips.  Many many thanks for such a warm fuzzy evening!

Last night was one of the top ten, no, make it top five dinners of our lives.  Mrs. Fox's homemade, real Kentucky fried chicken, homemade gravy, homemade creamed corn, homemade ice cream and about ten other really REALLY incredibly bad for you foods.  We are ten pounds heavier and ten times happier!

The countdown has begun for Ashley to head off to NYC, so some serious fun is in order. (we have to keep her coming back, don't we???)  With the help of our social consultant Frankie, we decided that some dancing was needed this weekend and are planning a Friday night out in Adams Morgan....any takers???

Ash is heading to Jen's b-day bash in Radford this weekend, toting with her Amanda, Justine, and Frankie.  She will meet cool kids like Zakiya, Dan, and Theresa down there in good ole' SW VA.  Yeehaw!  Anne will be pounding the pavement and putting real estate professionals to shame this weekend as she and Tara scour the area for a suitable lair of all things fabulous.

Ash, Add and the rest of the very elite Young Guard crew are putting on a Tribe Happy Hour on Thursday at Guarapo's in Arlington.  Don't act like you aren't dying to see who shows up.  Let us know if you want detes.

Yesterday's shin dig was an overwhelming success.  Rooker came up from the 'burg, Anne and Tyghe were here from Seattle, as well as other NoVA VIP's.  There was fun, there was fotch, and there was fabulousness.  But all that goes without saying, doesn't it?

Ashley, Anne and Samantha are off to their first modeling shoot.  Paris, Milan, Reston Town Center...WHATEVER!!!

Ashley is home from from being an Ani roadie and back to being an intregal part of AOL.  Anne is exerting her mind to its maximum potential at her job (yeah right) and realizing that this website was a better form of distraction than I thought. 
Ash, her sister, and Guitar Boy suffered through arctic wind and weather to be loyal fans at the Army Navy game at Giants Stadium. Although we did end up sitting in the enemy's territory toward the end.  What?!  It was sunny!
Anne got in some QT in the 'burg, picked up some House dressing, and hung out with the girls for a bit.  This weekend NYC will be bumpin' with B3E visitors for Add and Sarah's housewarming!  Yay for egg nog :)  And Anne is headed towards her fave place on earth:

Yay snow!!!  The whole east coast seems to be waking up in a winter wonderland.  Keep a look our for a new edition of A&A kiddies!!!  A&A had very good Thanksgivings minus the usual political clashes with family members from the dark side (republicans, that is).   And New Year's plans are in the works!  Tickets are in hand for the National Press Club extravaganza in DC featuring none other than Juniper Lane.  (not that we're biased or anything). 

Each weekend is a new adventure, and this one was no different.  Ash got live at the VaCo show @9:30 Club, then switched cities real quick like and was pretty in pink with some New School friends at a fancy ball.  No, I don't know how to ballroom dance, and yes, an 87 yr old man resembling the patriarchy told me to get off the dance floor.  But of course I didn't. :)  Anne had what I can only imagine to be another picturesque weekend in San Diego, like she likes.  The frequent flier miles are addin' up!

Never did I think 24 hrs. could hold that much debauchery and foolishness.  Homecoming was a complete sucess (if you don't count the horrible hangovers we all had to endure the morning after)!  We came, we saw, we embarrassed the hell out of ourselves, but that don't matter, 'cause we finally don't have to face our shame Monday morning in class.  Ashley ended up in the emergency room, Frankie managed to loose all his clothes, and I  was propositioned to hook up with two guys at once (although I turned them down - what was I thinking?).  Here's to next year!!!

This weekend was hyuuuge.  Ash hung out with the BF's parents and they cultured her in the way of jazz at the Blue Note.  Shortly after she ended her short-lived stint as a bartender in order to make time for more live music.  Annie D had an action packed lovefest with a special visitor from the West Coast!  Can't wait to get detes on that. :) 
Yes, I had an incredible weekend with an incredible person - Kennedy Center, Washington Hotel, Spy Museum....all the hot spots.

Annie D went home to see her little bro and bask in some fam love.  Ashley G is working about fifty jobs at once and going to grad school, once again putting us all to shame with her endless energy.  This week will hopefully have some much needed recoop time and some heavy duty binge sleeping.  Oh, and it's officially nine days and counting utnil Homecoming - YAY!!!  Maggie and Clarissa, here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anne was involved in some HARDCORE protests against the World Bank and impending War.  There is a new installment of the  Opinion Column in which you can read about her experience in DC, the new Police State.  Rights?  What rights?   Ash, Guitar Boy, and JB rocked out in NYC to Julia Brown.  She is gooood.  Click this!  And as Ash gets into the swing of things at the bar, she enjoyed some star-gazing when Matt Dillon walked in Saturday night.  Overall, a hugely eventful weekend for A&A!!

A&A had a tumultous weekend to say the least. Anne came up to NYC along with our fave alums to drink too much wine and drown ourselves in the monsoon.  It had everything a weekend of fun needed--and some things it didn't.  There was action, romance, drama, laughter, and tears.  It was beautiful.

This weekend should be fun!  Anne is going to a HYUUUGE nightclub and Ash is going to see ANI DiFRANCO with Add, Rooker, and T!!  She is dragging Guitar Boy.  We'll see how it goes. :)
[some time in November - who the hell knows?]