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"I want a real, honest-to-God beer!"
~Nanna at the Leafe. [11.27.01]

"Ex-patriotism is the new patriotism."
~Ashley G. [06.02]

"Nothing says 'let's have fun' quite like cleavage."
~Maggie [07.01.03]

"People like us who think that walking across the street is being outdoorsy."
~Anne  [03.15.02]

"'Kay!  Let's go break some hearts!"
~actually, Anne M [02.03.01]

"You can get a cream that will solve that problem."
~Frank [04.14.01]

"It was time for something screwed up to happen.  There are only three weeks left, and we can't leave the [summer] peacefully."  ~Frank [04.09.01]

"Welcome to the Dark Side."
~Anne [08.29.03]

~Anne, on where she wants to see A&A someday [08.29.03]

"Beware of leakage."
~the advice of Anne's office manager on facing Isabel [09.18.03]

"There's a special place in hell for those people, that's what I think."
~Amanda, on hypocrites like Rush Limbaugh and Bill Bennett [10.10.03]

"Help!  We're being kidnapped!"
~The overdramatic, yet entertaining man  stuck on the same grounded plane with Annie D for 5 hours.

"You know what sucks?  Everybody knows how long Habe's been in the bathrom."
~ Annie D, when Habe reemerged after her name had been announced at a rehearsal dinner, and her glaring absence noted by all the other guests [08.28.03]

"I am it!  I am her!  I am THE!!"
~ Jen Smith has a religious experience [11.08.03]

"Every time I see a British flag I think of you and how you wore it the first night we met . . . when you slapped me."
~Frank recalls a fond memory of Ash [11.18.03]

"Right now I have too much energy to be sitting here alone.  This is what days sitting in front of the TV in Brooklyn does to a girl."
~What finally turned Habe on to text messaging [11.28.03]

"Do you think they let you do web stuff for free? Maybe they even have their own computers. We can sit in the jacuzzi and type up the stories on Rummy."
~Ash's boss, after she convinces him that the Village Voice crew needs amenities like a pool at their place of lodging in NH [12.02.03]

"I like morning meat products, I do."
~Adrianne on her enthusiasm for sausage, [12.13.03]

"It doesn't take much to get us tickled!"
~Mrs. Fox, [12.25.03]

"Ain't no thang!"
~Jeff Chin, after a spectacular collapse at Lucky Bar during which he drenched himself in the drinks of all who witnessed [01.01.04]

"Remember, only our endorsements mean anything. That's because we're focused on the voters...or something like that."
~Roger Salazar, spokesman for Edwards For President.  Dude cracks me up.  This is what our country needs--humor in politics! [01.14.04]

"I don't need WiFi to find Dunkin' Donuts."
~Jim Ridgeway, Ash's boss.  He's learned so much up here in New Hampshire [01.20.04]

"By the way, WHAT is Janet Jackson doing? H-E-L-L-O."
~Jim Ridgeway, Ash's boss.  Averse in politics both national and international, he knows what really matters. [02.02.04]

"You don't get up to vote at six in the morning if you're undecided."
~Sarah G. to the man handing out political pamphlets at the school where she voted. [02.10.04]

"That guy just put on his glasses to watch us walk by."
~Habe, as her gorgeous friends walked through the lobby of a hotel hosting the National Engineering Convention [02.21.04]

"When someone sucks, it's awkward for everyone."
~Ashley, circa 2000

"It's like my fantasy to be stalking and find something about myself...Kind of not joking."
~Habe, [02.18.04]

"I'm the queen of abrasive."
~Keya, [03.10.04]

"We always assume people are so happy to have us around."
~Erin Dillon, [07.14.01]

"Men who kiss poorly don't love women."
~Mrs. Maslayak

"Do your thing...you can't stop for someone who is missing out."

"The experience is worth it to me no matter what the pain."

"The glory days are over."
~Anne M.

"There are a lot of things in this life you don't have a choice about...you can choose your friends!"
~Keya, [11.30.01]