jeff: but, other than that, my life is kinda lame as usual
ash: no it's not!  new crush!  new sport! 
jeff: true, but my crushes are so lame
jeff: seriously, when has a crush turned out good?
jeff: so i'll just leave it to golf
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Chris C: chai is metrosexual
Ash: as are you, my dear
Chris C: i do cafe au lait with magnus
Chris C: I'm metrosexual?
Ash: yeah you are
Chris C: what!
Ash: it's a compliment!
Chris C: dude i don't dress well enough
Anne:  tedd just called me a ***
Ash:  he's J
Ash:  and he's working it out the only way he knows how
Ash:  with unfounded name-calling
Anne:  ok, he says i have to go
Anne:  the office is empty
Anne:  except for the sounds of my IMing
Habe: I could swear when I asked him, he said 32.  As I sit here and stalk him on google, I learn that he is actually 36...if he lied, that is UNCOOL.
Ash:  Doesn't he know that if he'd said 36, you would have been even MORE attracted to him?
Habe:  SO TRUE!!!
Ash:  Tiani smacked my *ss!
Habe:  I'm in bizarro land!
Anne:  I feel like I walked into the wrong frat party!
Ash: did you look up "inculcated" yet?
Jeff Chin: yeah!
Jeff Chin:  i did...and you used it like perfectly
Jeff Chin:  sickening vocab
Jeff Chin:  a bunch of people have been like...so i went to that A&A site
Jeff Chin:  A&A, it's so catchy
Jen Smith:  I do JUST like I am told and check anniedandashleyg.com daily, hourly, on the automatic refresh.
Ash: how is english class?
Maksim: every day, very early
Ash: are you fluent??
Maksim: i dont understand
Ash: i'm guessing that's a no...
Maksim: what??
Jeff Chin: you're like a one woman-news crew
Ash: haha, why?
Jeff Chin: sending out all this stuff!
Jeff Chin: politics, ads, etc.
Jeff Chin: it's crazy
Ash: someone's gotta save the world!! :)
Jeff Chin: might as well be Ashley G
Ash: you got it
Ash:  *** is all about the nepotism, eh?
Anne M: mm big word
Anne M: throw me a bone
Ash: um, hooking fam and friends up with jobs
Anne M: oh cool
Anne M: it sounds fancier than that
Ash: use it 3 times, and it's yours!
Amanda: Jen is all hyped up on "clubs" right now.  She and maura were saying that they've never been to a "club" before.  I kind of don't believe that.  So they've decided that they are going to a "club" this weekend.  I'm not sure what "club" means either.  I don't really think i'm up for that anyway
Keya: but man, when you're out in the midwest with lameass clubs, you think, man where's the nearest FRAT PARTY?
Ashley: haha!
Keya: it's true.  and sad
Keya: sometimes i think back to the good ole days
Ashley: really?  i don't picture you as the type to look back
Keya:  well, I'm detached...but not heartless :)
Joanne: then we developed a mama polska relationship
Joanne:  it's healthy though
Joanne:  she's not at all like mama p
Ash:  is she nice?  and sober?
Ash:  and btw, i never made the alcoholic jokes about mama P before she ACCUSED me of making an alcoholic joke!
Ash: just like i never hazed people until i was accused of hazing :)
Ash:  please tell me you didn't watch the littlest groom
JeffC1:  i actually did!
JeffC1:  i was intrigued
Ash:  i am sitting over here and judging you
JeffC1: the girl that one wasn't too bad
JeffC1:  holy sh*t, that was a huge typo
Ash:  i know :)
JeffC1:  shoot me now
JeffC1:  that was horrible
Ash: where the hell have you been?
Julie: in hell
Ash: that makes sense
Ash: how are you?
Julie: f*cking great. i hit a deer today on 64 and F*CKED up my car
Ash: did you f*ck up the deer?
Julie: dead. so yeah
Julie: it was a basterd [sic] anyways, i told him not to cross
Keya: It was just embarassing because I felt like the girl who hooks up with the hot guy, sees him in the cafeteria, wants him to talk to her, but he doesn't and she feels like a jackass.
Ash:  You felt like Angela Chase a little, didn't you...
Keya: I don't know the reference...
Ash:  My So-Called Life!
Keya:  Oh yeah. That was before my initiation into pop culture.
Keya:  I'm a late bloomer.
Eric: It's not like I have a life. ha ha ha
Ash: you do too have a life
Ash: from 9-10 on wed
Ash: it's called the OC
Ash: it's your DREAM life
Eric: Oh, riight.
Eric: Annnna.
Ash: Seeeeeth
Eric: I can't tell if we're really cool or lame right now.
Eric: My vote: COOL.
Ash: there's a fiiiine line
Jeff:  so,this is cheesy
Jeff:  but watching super millionaire on friday night by myself
Jeff:  i was thinking that i would choose you as my lifeline if there were any political quesitons
Ash:  that is the sweetest.
Jeff:  it was a lame friday night
Ash:  yes.  and that is the lamest.
Jeff:  haha
Ash:  but, no judgment!
***from when we were young, loud, and**** ***lived in a house with paperthin walls****
Sarah: YAY!
Sarah: i like this guy
Sarah: stop screaming
Ash: hahahahahaha
Sarah: yes!
Steve S: how do you define a feminist?
Steve S: and do you think you have to be female to be feminist?
Ash: no!
Ash: of course not!
Ash: anyone who believes that women and men should be equal politically, economically, and socially
Ash: that is the dictionary definition
Steve S: do you have your own definition?
Ash: no, that's it for me, too :-)
Habe: I might get cookies--must see how cold it is and how heavy my bag is...
Ash: omg, your reasons for maybe/maybe not buying cookies are weak!  are you so easily swayed?  no judgment!
Habe: Whatever, dude, you haven't even been outside today.  No judgement.  :-)  If it's cold, and my big ass bag is bothering me, you are out of luck...
Ashley:  I was just in CO
Ashley:  can't handle that whole altitude thing
Ashley:  major bloody boogs
1LTAndy:  yeah it takes some getting used to
1LTAndy:  I'm trying to get acclimated now...running is a challenge
Ashley:  omg, getting off the couch is a challenge!